HP Printer Ink, Cartridges & HP Instant Ink (2024)

HP printer ink makes your photos and documents look pro

HP printer ink is specifically formulated for use in HP printers to match the unique characteristics of each printer.

Benefits of HP printer ink

Save money with HP printer ink

HP inkjet cartridges are smaller and less expensive than toner cartridges, saving you money. For a family printer that will primarily be used for school projects, photos, and documents, HP printer ink is the most economical printing option. To save even more money, consider an HP Instant Ink subscription.

No smearing with HP printer ink

Because ink from an inkjet printer soaks into the page instead of being baked on by heat like toner, it won’t smear even right after coming out of the printer. You can also buy special paper that is coated or made of more absorbent fiber so the ink will be absorbed even more effectively, and uniformly. This will ensure your documents and photos print out sharply, with crisp lines and well defined colours.

Simple installation with HP printer ink cartridges

HP printers open up easily to reveal the print head that holds the cartridges, letting you take out one or more ink cartridges at a time, and snap in the new ones. Simple instructions will come with your printer that show in detail how to easily change your printer ink when it has run out. Some HP printers have step-by-step animated instructions on their control panel.

How does HP printer ink work?

HP printers use thermal inkjet technology. A heated plate forms ink bubbles at the nozzle where it transfers to the paper. As one bubble of ink hits the paper and soaks in, it draws another bit of ink into place at the nozzle, ready to be heated and bubbled. This is why some thermal inkjet printers have been dubbed ‘bubble jet’ printers. When the ink level is low in the cartridge, it’s important to get a replacement HP printer cartridge or an HP ink refill.

With an HP Instant Ink subscription, you don’t even need to remember a replacement—it’s automatically shipped to your door.

What are the different types of HP printer ink?

HP produces standard inkjet ink as well as photo ink for use by special HP photo printers to ensure high quality reproduction. HP printer ink comes in the standard cyan, magenta, yellow, and black colours, offered as individual colour cartridges or tri-colour cartridges which have all three built into a single cartridge that must be replaced all at once. Tri-colour cartridges are less expensive, but generally black ink is used more quickly than the other three colours, so having the ability to change out one colour at a time is a big advantage. Which you use depends on your printer.

How do I know I’m selecting the right cartridge for my HP printer?

HP printers come with a reference card that explains how your printer works, how to do maintenance, which inks are compatible, and how they’re installed. If you’ve lost the index card, you can search on HP’s website for the model number on your printer to find out which inks are compatible. When you’re looking at different inks, most will show the compatible printer models on the outside to help you make sure the ink will fit in your printer. You can also purchase the same ink that was inside your printer when you originally bought it.

How you save money by purchasing HP ink cartridges?

Ink that’s made by HP is designed to work in HP printers, so to save any hassle and cost it’s the safest bet. Ink that’s made by third parties may not function as well, and could void your warranty, so it’s best to trust ink made by the manufacturer to save having to buy twice. Ink from third parties may also dry up more quickly or will be used at a faster rate, since it isn’t designed for the particular nozzles in the print head.

Ultimately, the best way to save money is with an HP ink subscription, with plans for everyone.

What is the HP Instant Ink program?

Instant Ink is an HP ink subscription. You pick a plan based on your printing needs—anywhere from 15 pages per month to 700 pages. You pay a flat fee, regardless of whether the printed pages are black and white, or colour. You can print additional pages if needed at a low per-page fee, and unused pages during a month can be rolled up for use in subsequent months.

Instant Ink is also incredibly convenient. Connect your HP printer to Wi-Fi (a wizard shows you how, step-by-step) and it will automatically notify HP when ink is running low. A super-sized HP Instant Ink cartridge arrives at your door, complete with a postage-paid return package for the old cartridge. Those extra large cartridges (bigger than XL) mean fewer replacements are needed.

With an HP ink subscription, you never run out of ink, you never have to run out to buy a replacement cartridge, and you save up to 50% compared to buying ink the traditional way.

Which HP printers are compatible with Instant Ink?

Most recent HP printers are compatible with instant ink. Check your printer’s instructions to confirm, or look for your printer model number on the HP Instant Ink prepaid plans at Best Buy.

Where is HP Instant Ink Available?

Signing up for HP Instant Ink is just as easy as the HP ink program itself. You’ll find Instant Ink prepaid cards at Best Buy—along with the full range of HP Instant Ink eligible printers.

HP Printer Ink, Cartridges & HP Instant Ink (2024)


What is the difference between HP Instant Ink and regular ink cartridges? ›

The user experience with HP Instant Ink is streamlined and user-friendly, from easy online subscription setup to automatic ink delivery directly to your door. Traditional ink cartridges require a more hands-on approach to monitor ink levels and replace cartridges, which can be less convenient for some users.

Do I have to use HP Instant Ink with my HP printer? ›

Can I use my HP printer without HP Instant Ink? Yes, you can use an HP printer without HP Instant Ink. HP Instant Ink is our Ink Subscription service that can save you up to 50%1 on ink or toner and will ensure you always have ink when you need it. You never have to worry about running out of ink again.

Are HP Instant Ink cartridges bigger? ›

Instant Ink cartridges are visibly bigger and contain more ink than standard and even high yield HP ink cartridges. The idea is for consumers to not need to replace cartridges as often.

Will my HP printer work if I cancel Instant Ink? ›

If you cancel the Service, even if the Subscription Cartridges provided with your subscription are not empty, they will stop working in your printer and you will have to replace all of them with standard cartridges.

What is the HP Instant Ink scandal? ›

The lawsuit cites evidence that HP has designed its printers to prevent them from working with third-party ink cartridges. HP has also been accused of misleading consumers about the ink levels of its cartridges. In some cases, printers have been known to stop working even when the ink cartridges are not actually empty.

What is the point of HP Instant Ink program? ›

You'll never need to buy ink cartridges. Instead, when your printer starts to get low on ink, HP automatically sends you a replacement cartridge before you run out. You can switch plans easily, too, so if you anticipate a big printing need in the next month, simply increase your plan to access more pages.

Why can't i use HP Instant Ink? ›

There are four main reasons why you might be unable to print with HP Instant Ink cartridges. You canceled. Instant Ink cartridges only work in enrolled printers. To continue printing, remove the Instant Ink cartridges from your printer and purchase Original HP Ink or Toner directly from the retailer of your choice.

Can you decline HP Instant Ink? ›

Click HP Instant Ink, then Update Plan in the left menu. Scroll to Plan Details. Click Cancel my HP Instant Ink Subscription.

Why am I being charged for HP Instant Ink? ›

The way the HP Instant Ink subscription works is that you sign up for a certain amount of prints you are allowed to print each month. If you don't use all of them, they roll over to the next month (for free). If you happen to go over your monthly allowance, your credit card gets charged for each print you make.

Why do HP ink cartridges run out so fast? ›

If you don't use your printer for more than a couple of weeks, the ink in the cartridges will dry out. by running a cleaning cycle on your machine, but if this keeps happening, you will have to order a new set of cartridges.

Why does HP have so many different ink cartridges? ›

The simple explanation is that different printer models use ink cartridges that are specifically designed for them. Furthermore, some printers are better suited to specific projects than others and may use a different type of ink, so this is not a one-size-fits-all situation.

How much does HP Instant Ink cost per month? ›

HP Instant Ink is the hassle-free, money-saving ink subscription service that automatically delivers ink only when you're running low. Plans start at $1.49 a month.

Can I still use my HP printer without Instant Ink? ›

You do not have to subscribe to Instant Ink to use your HP printer. If the offer to subscribe is presented when you install the full driver printer software, simply "Skip" the option.

Do I have to send HP Instant Ink cartridges back? ›

Used HP Instant Ink cartridges must be returned in the postage-paid recycling envelopes provided by HP. Please completely fill your cartridge envelope before mailing it in. Returned cartridges will be recycled by HP Planet Partners.

Can I use my own ink with HP Instant Ink? ›

Instant Ink is designed to tie users into using original ink HP ink. If you were to replace an HP cartridge with a lower priced compatible or an HP original cartridge obtained outside of your HP Instant Ink agreement your printer would reject those cartridges.

Is there a difference between HP ink cartridges? ›

Are they interchangeable? The answer is no, even though they look similar and will likely fit inside your printer, they will not print if installed in the wrong printer. HP 63 cartridges will not work in a printer that uses HP 64 cartridges.

Do non HP ink cartridges work? ›

HP's “dynamic security” prevents you from using third-party ink with HP printers. While HP does this to “protect the quality of our customer experience,” being able to buy cheaper, non-HP ink can save you money.

Is it better to buy regular or XL ink cartridges? ›

The main difference between the two is actually the amount of ink in each cartridge. Standard ink cartridge contains less ink and is, therefore, less expensive than high yield cartridge. XL or high yield cartridge contains more ink and therefore can be used to print more pages at a better value per page.

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