Primebook 4G review: Is this budget Android laptop for students worth buying? (2024)

The laptop landscape is familiar territory: Windows, macOS, occasionally Linux. We're used to plugging in an Ethernet cable or connecting to Wi-Fi, and we expect specs to match the price tag. But what if I told you there's a laptop that breaks all those rules? The Primebook 4G turned heads from the moment it was announced. Why? It runs on Android, a rarity in laptops. It has a dedicated SIM card slot, like your phone. And it's incredibly affordable.

But these unconventional features raise some important questions. Are there significant compromises? What's the hardware like? Who is this device actually for? And, perhaps most crucially for some, can it handle gaming? We put the Primebook 4G through its paces for two weeks to answer these questions and more. Join us as we dissect this unique laptop and determine if it's a mere gimmick or a genuine contender in the market for a price tag of 14,990.

What are the specifications of the Primebook 4G?

Brand: Primebook

Model Name: Primebook 4G

Screen Size: 11.6 Inches

Hard Disk Size: 64 GB

CPU Model: MediaTek MT8183

RAM Memory Installed Size: 4 GB

Operating System: PrimeOS

Special Feature: Memory Card Slot

Graphics Card Description: Integrated

How is the build and design on the Primebook 4G?

The Primebook 4G is a budget-friendly laptop that doesn't skimp on style or functionality. Its sleek, minimalist design and soft-touch plastic casing give it a surprisingly premium feel that belies its price tag. The all-black matte finish is both elegant and practical, resisting fingerprints and smudges. Weighing in at a featherlight 1.065 kg, it's easy to carry around campus or slip into a backpack.

The keyboard gives you a tactile feel paired with decent key travel. The textured finish on the keys support the layout well while giving a good typing and working feel. I am writing this review on the Primebook 4G, and this keyboard took me some getting used to after coming from a 13-inch laptop. The ergonomics are better thought out than a budget laptop, with an elevated design and sturdy hinge. You can not open the laptop with one hand, but it does not feel flimsy. However, if you're used to the function keys (F keys) on Windows laptops, you'll notice their absence here.

How does the Primebook 4G perform? Why is it different?

A laptop derives its performance and efficiency from the processor or the CPU installed. You might be used to reading names like Intel, AMD, and even Snapdragon in conversations about powerful processors. However, it is important to understand that this laptop is not aimed at power, but enhances usability. Therefore, the Primebook 4G is powered by a 2GHz MediaTek MT8788 processor and 4GB of RAM to handle everyday student tasks with ease. You get 64GB of eMMC storage which might feel limited for media hoarders, but it's ample for documents, apps, and a reasonable collection of photos and videos. Plus, there's always the option to expand storage with a microSD card.

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The 11.6-inch HD IPS display is a visual treat for the budget it comes at, offering crisp details and colours that make studying or watching videos a pleasure. However, the peak brightness falls a bit short under direct sunlight, so outdoor use might be challenging. Audiophiles might desire more clarity from the speakers, but the sound output is sufficiently loud for personal use.

The 4G LTE connectivity is hands-down the unique part about this laptop. You can pop in a SIM card and stay connected to the internet even without Wi-Fi – a lifesaver for students on the move or those with unreliable home internet.

While light gaming like Subway Surfers or Temple Run runs smoothly, the Primebook isn't a powerhouse for graphics-intensive titles like COD Mobile. We tried running the game on the lowest settings, but ended up experiencing frame drops and lags. The time taken to launch the game was also longer than a smartphone of the same budget. We also tried running WordPress on the laptop, but it could not handle the heat. We experienced delayed response and lag unlike any other programme we ran.

The Android 11-based PrimeOS provides a familiar interface with access to a vast app library, but don't expect the latest Android features or updates. For productivity, the Primebook shines in web browsing and document editing, but don't push it too hard with multiple demanding applications.

Battery life is impressive, lasting a full school day with moderate usage. To test the battery thoroughly, we opened multiple applications at the same time. During our testing, we experienced a battery life of 7-8 hours. The battery performed better indoors and temperature controlled environments, delivering a battery life of 8.5 hours. We tried replicating all the tasks a student might perform like taking notes, attending online lectures, reading books, watching videos, etc. The conclusions derived were the result of the same.

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What features and connectivity options do you get on the Primebook 4G?

The Primebook 4G is designed with features that streamline your student life. PrimeOS is a custom Android operating system that offers a unique blend of a familiar Android app environment with the functionality of a desktop interface. This means you can seamlessly switch between educational apps, research tools, entertainment platforms, and even coding software, all on one device.

Powering this versatility is the MediaTek MT8788 processor, ensuring smooth multitasking and responsive performance. This processor will not break a sweat while you're taking notes in class, streaming educational videos, or collaborating on projects. The 4GB RAM and 64GB storage further support this, providing ample space for your apps and files out of the box. The RAM can feel like a roadblock in some heavier tasks, but the storage can expand further via microSD card. You can also get the 128 GB storage variant if you want more space out of the box.

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Connectivity is a breeze with the Primebook 4G. The inclusion of a 4G SIM slot means you're not tethered to Wi-Fi hotspots. Simply pop in a SIM card and enjoy seamless internet access wherever you are – a game-changer for students who are always on the move or live in a hostel with a slow and shared Wi-Fi connection. Additional ports like Type-C, USB, Mini HDMI, and a microSD slot offer further flexibility for connecting peripherals or expanding storage.

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Who should buy Primebook 4G laptop?

Students and casual users who value affordability and portability will find the Primebook 4G a perfect fit. Its lightweight design, 4G connectivity for on-the-go learning, and responsive PrimeOS make it ideal for online classes, note-taking, and web browsing. If you're comfortable within the Android ecosystem and need a device for light productivity and media consumption, the Primebook 4G could be your ideal companion.

Who should not buy Primebook 4G laptop?

Professionals needing a Windows-based experience or heavy multitasking capabilities should look elsewhere. The Primebook 4G's Android-based OS has limitations in running certain applications and might not meet the demands of resource-intensive tasks or high-end gaming. Additionally, users with extensive storage needs or who run multiple demanding apps simultaneously might find the 64GB or 128GB storage options insufficient.

Reasons to Buy

Reasons to Avoid

Cost-effectiveAndroid laptop with version 11
Ideal for studentsRequires a SIM to utilize 4G
Lightweight and portableSome latest apps might not work


The Primebook 4G offers remarkable value for its price of 14,990, making it an ideal choice for students. Its lightweight design, durable build, and reliable performance are perfectly suited for educational pursuits. The 4G connectivity ensures seamless online learning and research, while the PrimeOS provides a smooth multitasking experience for everyday tasks. However, it's important to be aware of its limitations: it's not designed for professionals, resource-intensive tasks, or high-end gaming. For students and casual users seeking a cost-effective, reliable, and portable computing solution, the Primebook 4G is a strong contender.

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Published: 25 Jun 2024, 05:35 PM IST

Primebook 4G review: Is this budget Android laptop for students worth buying? (2024)
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