What Does X Mean when Texting? Explanation and Examples (2024)

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1What does X mean at the end of a text?

2Why do British people put X at the end of texts?

3What does X mean in the middle of a text?

4Alternative Definitions of X

5How to Use X

6How to Respond to X

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Co-authored byImad Jbaraand Eric McClure

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The text message X is a versatile little shorthand that can change meaning based on how it’s used. In fact, who is using it can mean just as much as how it’s used! If it all seems overwhelming at first, don’t worry. We’ll break this down for you so that you figure out precisely how to respond appropriately. Read on to learn everything you need to know about what X means over text.

Things You Should Know

  • An X at the end of a text message represents a kiss.
  • XOXO means hugs and kisses, while multiple Xs are a sign that someone really wants to smooch.
  • While X can be used flirtatiously, X may simply be used in a warm, non-romantic way, too.
  • In fringe scenarios, X can be used as a variable, as a stand-in for “ex,” or to indicate something is only for adults.

Section 1 of 6:

What does X mean at the end of a text?

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  1. 1

    A single X at the end of a text message represents a kiss. The lone X at the end of the text message is a complimentary close, like “sincerely” or “with love.” If you’re talking to a family member or close friend, it’s like a kiss on the cheek. If this is a romantic partner or crush though, this could be their way of being a little flirtatious![1]

    • You may also see people use XOXO instead of just X. The O represents a hug, so XOXO is just “hugs and kisses.”
    • X is not a kiss off in the sense that it’s negative. There are only positive connotations here.
  2. 2

    XX is a sweet, romantic gesture that indicates 2 kisses. If the person you’re talking to signs off a text with 2 Xs, the X still means “kiss” but the subtext here is a little more intimate. Basically, the other person is indicating that you’re important to them and they either really love you, or they really want to smooch.[2]

    • If someone uses a lot of XXs but they use them with everybody, it’s a big sign that they aren’t being flirty. They’re just naturally affectionate and friendly.


  3. 3

    XXX represents 3 kisses, and there’s a heavy sexual undertone. The rare triple X is a serious sign that the other person wants to jump your bones. If you’ve been flirting back and forth for a while now, congratulations. You’re 100% in. If this is the first sign you’ve got that they’re into you, they may be testing the waters to see if you’re interested![3]

    • Four Xs is basically the same thing as XXX but with a little less subtlety.
    • If you get a XXX or XXXX+ late at night on the weekend, they’re probably trying to hook up right now!
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Section 2 of 6:

Why do British people put X at the end of texts?

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  1. People in the UK put a friendly X at the end of all their texts. Europeans often kiss one another on the cheek when they greet one another or part ways. In British culture, it’s considered to be polite and customary to include an X at the end of texts with your friends, so don’t read too much into this.[4]

    • Multiple Xs still indicate flirting—even for folks in the UK. If a British guy or gal sends you XX or XXX, they probably have a crush on you!

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What does X mean in the middle of a text?

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  1. When used in a sentence, X is typically a variable. In math, a variable refers to a symbol that can represent any number. If someone uses X in the middle of a sentence, it’s likely a stand-in for any idea or amount (depending on how it’s used). People will often use X this way to illustrate an example.[5]

    • So, someone might say, “If you tell me X, I’m going to believe you.” Here, X stands in for “something you tell me.”
    • A friend might message you, “You might spend X a month on groceries, but you still need to pay rent.” In this example, X is some amount of money.
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Section 4 of 6:

Alternative Definitions of X

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  1. 1

    XXX could refer to “adults only” or “X-rated.” An X-rated film or video game is meant only for adults who are 18 years of age or older. If a friend refers to something being “XXX,” they’re talking about it not being for children.[6]

    • Someone might say, “You trying to do something XXX tonight and hit the strip club?” or, “I wanted to watch that movie, but it’s XXX and my parents won’t let me.”
    • If someone refers to “a bottle with XXX” on it, they’re talking about alcohol. In cartoons, bottles with XXX on them are always booze.
  2. 2

    X could be short for “ex” boyfriend or girlfriend. If the person you’re texting has a tendency to shorten words and use “u” instead of “you” and things like that, they may be using “x” as in “ex-boyfriend” or “ex-girlfriend.” If the X is lowercase and you could replace it with “ex” without ruining the meaning of the sentence, they’re talking about an ex-partner.

    • Someone might say, “I’m never getting back with my x. It’s over,” or, “Adam is my x now. We broke up last week.”
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How to Use X

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  1. 1

    Throw an X at the end of a text to be very friendly or flirty. Who you’re talking to determines a lot when it comes to how an X will be interpreted. If you’re talking to your mom or cousin, throw an X at the end of a message as a way of saying, “I love you!” If you’re talking to a crush or flirting with a new friend, your X will be interpreted as a cute and playful kiss.[7]

    • If you want to be even more suggestive and flirtatious, you could put “XX” or “XXX” at the end of your text!
  2. 2

    Use X as a variable to explain a complex scenario. If you’re talking to someone and you’re struggling to explain something, you can use X to refer to anything that might change. It could be a number, a time, an amount of money, or anything that would fit based on the context.

    • For example, you might say, “A fruit salad might have X chunks of pineapple in it, and Y pieces of orange. X always has to be worth more than Y!”
    • Alternatively, if a friend doesn’t understand how taxes work, you might explain, “Let’s say you make X. About 10% of X goes to the state, and around 15% of X will go to the federal government.”
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Section 6 of 6:

How to Respond to X

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  1. 1

    Send an X back to return their friendly gesture. If a family member or good friend uses an X as a way of signing off a text message, reply to the content of their message and send an X back. This is basically the equivalent of saying “I love you, too” when someone says “I love you.” It’s just the friendly way to respond.[8]

    • If the convo has reached its natural conclusion, go ahead and send a sole “X” back without any other comments.
  2. 2

    Flirt back if you like them and they’re being playful. If you’re talking to your crush and they drop an X or XO at the end of a message, it’s a sign that they’re into you. If you like them back, send them something flirty and playful to keep the energy going.[9] You might say:

    • “You really do brighten up my day. I’m happy you’re in my life 😊”
    • “You’re so sweet to me. A day without you is a day wasted.”
    • “You know, if I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I together.”
  3. 3

    Ask for clarification if you’re confused by their use of X as a variable. If you don’t fully understand what someone is getting at with the way they use X, just ask for another example or a deeper explanation. It can be confusing when someone uses an example with a variable in it and there’s nothing wrong with asking for additional info.

    • If you aren’t confused by their use of X, just reply to the body of their message the same way you normally would.
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